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Leaving Room for Magic in Customer Service

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When it comes to ways to win returning customers, companies often come up with a zillion ways of measuring and quantifying customer experience – boring checklists, unvarying scripts, and inflexible standards. Yes, these may be “measurable” ways to evaluate how your employees are performing, but they suck the life out of customer experience. Customers may not remember the exact temperature of your steaks or the prompt greeting by your salesmen, but they will definitely recall the magic they experienced as a customer that they can find nowhere else –  a signature of your brand. Marketing and price promotions may remind your customers to come back occasionally, but what’s better than magic based marketing implanted in their memories that will constantly remind them to return. Learn more about magic based marketing here.


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Corporate Culture vs. Individuality

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Most companies rarely realize that the first few minutes of company orientation can make a huge difference in terms of employee happiness and motivation. In many firms, corporate culture is the main focus of the orientation, implying that “You should be proud to be here. Please fit in accordingly.” – which appears seemingly ironic when the purpose of hiring new blood was to add new thoughts and diversity to the company in the first place. Identity experiments revealed that companies who focused on individual identity and how this can add value to corporate culture during employee orientation tend to have significantly lower turnover rates. Find out more about employee orientation here.


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How Social Media Has Revolutionized HR Practices

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2014 will be a year of transformation in the HR industry – social media will become the status quo in recruitment, talent development and engagement practices. Gamification will be the way forward in corporate learning and development – proven highly successful as a tool in driving higher business performance and development of leadership skills, e.g. negotiation, time and change management. The key lies in understanding who you are trying to engage, what motivates them, and how gamification can alter the way they work, communicate and innovate with peers and customers. Find out more about social media has revolutionized HR practices here.



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What Brands Can Learn From Luxury Retail

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Luxury sales have continued to soar in face of the dim prospects of global economy, and research have shown that the reason for this continued increase in luxury sales is their continuous emphasis on enhancing the customer in-store experience. Strategies include investing in digital technologies to offer a “wow factor” that customers can find nowhere else. How can other brands keep up with the trend? Click here to find out more.

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Benefits of NLP

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Our friends at PPI Business recommend NLP and list some of the benefits:

● Gained significant career promotions

● Improved stakeholder influence

● Started their own successful businesses

● Resolved conflicts within their businesses

● Overcome frustrating barriers in their personal and business relationships

● Gained greater confidence to explore and move towards their dreams

● Increased their earnings

● Successfully implemented significant business change programs

● Found freedom and led a more fulfilled life

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Team Building in the Workplace

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Team always work in the workplace. Do you have organizational goals? Have you delivery your organizational goals to your employee? Team building in an organization helps to foster better and open communication between the employees themselves. Target oriented can be improved by team building. Click ‘here‘ to find out more

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