for June, 2014

Why Aren’t Companies Getting Graduates With The Skills They Need

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Firms often complain about the difficulty of finding career-ready college graduates who have adequate training for the available jobs. Despite the rapid development in technology, availability of information on what companies want remains scarce in colleges that concentrate on getting A-graders rather than preparing graduates for employment. With the continuous drop in birthrate, how can the present workforce in Hong Kong sustain the level of productivity, flexibility and creativity to maintain Hong Kong’s competitive advantage against other financial hubs in Asia? Read here to find out more.

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Team Building Lessons from the Winter Olympics

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With the Winter Olympics coming to a close, it is again the perfect opportunity for companies to reflect on the importance of teamwork and how to create and maintain high performance teams to go for the “gold”. Successful teams often excel in three key areas: building trust, valuing diversity and motivating team members. Yet, good teams do not simply grow on trees, it takes constant effort, e.g. trust building activities, clarification of team goals, cultivating team commitment and culture. Click here to learn more about other team building strategies.

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Gen Y is our Future

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Welcome to the Future - Postcard


When it comes to retaining their Generation Y talent, employers may need to rethink their employee engagement strategies, as new research shows that 90% of employees in this age group plan to stay no longer than five years with one organization. Come to our talk to find out more strategies.

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5 Attributes of Star Employees

Posted on June 9, 2014 in Candidate Blog, Client Blog, Newsroom - 0 comments - 7

Every company wants stellar employees who are impactful high performers. Identifying those high performers, however, takes hard work in recruiting, screening resumes and interviewing.  Nowadays, the top 5 most valued attributes of elite candidates are horsepower, ownership and pride, work ethic, integrity and teamwork. Whether you are looking into hiring the best in the market, or are looking for top companies to join, read this article here to find out more.

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