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Do Training the Right Way

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In yesterday’s article, we talked about the importance of setting the right learning climate at the workplace for employees to practise what they’ve learned. But the truth is, companies who consider training as a waste of money can gain much more value from it if they had avoided some common mistakes in drafting training and development plans for their firm:

  1. Some organizations do not take the time to analyze their training needs – figuring out who needs training and what kind.
  2. Many organizations do not evaluate the effectiveness of their training programs. Or if they do, they usually stop at the first level of evaluation—the reaction data.
  3. Companies believed that technology can solve all training problems without a clear idea of their learning objectives.
  4. Learning effectiveness can not reach its full potential without  the right supervisory support, the opportunity to practice and the conditions that allow employees to apply the skills they have learned.

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