for September, 2014

Raising the minimum wage to HK$36 an hour is both needed and affordable

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The First minimum wage introduced in 2011 was HK$28 per hour. In 2013, It was increased to HK$30 per hour. With the study of inflation rates, the minimum wage should be increased to HK$36 in the following year. However, the increased may not be benefited to small and medium-sized enterprises. They may not able to afford the increase of wage cost. Please click here to read more.

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Creating a Culture of Opportunity

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Whether you have 30 employees or 300, creating a culture of opportunity at your business will make a huge difference for your staff. You can capitalize on your employees’ desire to learn by giving them the room to stretch and run with their ideas - Once you have created this culture of opportunity, your people will see that there is scope for them to move up within the company. If a number of your employees need the same training, consider alternate methods. Rather than sending 10 people to the same program, can you negotiate to bring a trainer in-house, keeping costs down? Can you find experts willing to give talks to your team? Can you reach out to your mentors, perhaps from contrasting backgrounds, to discuss the issues with your team? This could be more interesting — and more engaging — than traditional training. Read more about how to pull ahead of your competitors with training here.

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