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Pure Professionals Limited is hereby licensed to operate an employment agency know as Pure Support Professionals.

About Pure

Welcome to Pure Professional (Pure).

Inspired in 2007 and founded by Tracey Nicole Batty in 2009, Pure was built on the philosophy that well-informed and passionate people perform; hence the tagline: Passion, People and Performance.

Pure commenced as a Human Resources and Professional Support Specialist Recruitment agency. Now years on, Pure provide’s Recruitment, Training and Coaching services.

Pure Professionals (Pure) is an iconic and established Hong Kong Recruitment, Staffing and Training firm specialising in recruitment and training to Law Firms.

In 2013, Pure entered the News and Information services business and became a leader in providing relevant employment information that offers influential and discerning decision makers, Clients and Candidates a strategic advantage and a significant edge, by connecting them to the dynamic network of people, information, insights and market trends.

Our strength is the quality performance individually and as a team, as well as Pure sharing validated and sometimes trend-setting information that supports Recruitment and Training decision making. Our edge is delivering exceptional quality and performance, investing and sharing vetted and meaningful data.

Our Vision

Our Vision is two-fold.

For Recruitment and Training, we intend to continue to grow within our Law Firm industry vertical and further become a distinguished, respected and valued preferred partner for esteemed firms in Hong Kong and across the Asia Pacific. We do not want or need to be the biggest, but we want to continue to be the most credible and the best, and always choose, quality rather than quantity.

For News and Information Services, we intend to report and share pertinent and consequential information that helps people and organizations make the right ‘people’ choices. Yes, making the right choices, even in the face of, the sometimes, commercial obstacles. People, are an organisation’s asset and we intend to assist, by providing information for key decision making.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to support people, businesses and the community by publicly providing free information and by continuing to partner with quality Clients, Candidates and Student Participants to ensure we continue to work with the Top 20% of the market.

Pure is about Recruitment and Training. Our ethics, honestly and excellent customer service is reflected in our team, approach, systems, content and services.

Our Purpose

Pure and simple, we are about Professionals.

Our team is a passionate group who care about people, and our charter is to provide the most comprehensive recruitment, training and information service available.

We do this by partnering with our Clients, Candidates and Student Participants to ensure mutual goals and expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

We care, and we’ve created a free and truly professional website resource that assists and supports Clients, Candidates, Participants and the Community on Recruitment and Training decision making.

Our Values

Our Values are our foundations and share who we are, what is important to us, and how we conduct ourselves.

Our services are ethical, confidential, responsive, reliable, efficient and consistent. Our team care about making a difference and adding true value to our Clients, Candidates, Participants and the Community.

In order to achieve our goals, we offer fresh quality recruitment, training and information solutions customised to meet the needs of our Clients. We also proactively work with our candidates to assist them in achieving their true vocation.

We provide meaningful information so that our client and candidates, can perform together at their best, and achieve their goals and potential together.