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Tracey Nicole Batty
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Tracey Nicole is passionate about Recruitment, Training and Information services.

Inspired in 2007, Tracey founded Pure in 2009 to provide a human solution to the market. She led the company through the financial crisis by proactively partnering with Clients, Candidates and Participants and diversifying Pure’s portfolio and continues to lead the business today.

Trained by the icons and having worked in the Recruitment and Training industry for 20 years, Tracey Nicole has observed the best and worst of the industry, and takes risks, by sharing things how they really are. She feels that profit is important for any business owner or shareholders, but profit must not come at the expense of integrity and impeccable ethics.

Tracey’s approach is very much a long term partnership and customer centric approach leading to exceptional service levels.

Tracey Nicole is responsible, dynamic, innovative and forward thinking and an industry expert when it comes to Recruitment and Training. She has an entrepreneurial drive and continues expand the business. Her focus is sustaining the the market leader position in Law Firm Recruitment.In addition, she is laser focused on providing the community with the finest free online Recruitment and Talent Management resources.

With expertise in creating companies, profit improvement and managing (both temporary staffing and permanent recruitment) agencies, Tracey brings an enormous amount of energy to the lead role. A testament to her success is that she enjoys a very loyal and stable following from her Clients, Candidates, Consultants and her Support team.

Tracey studied Accounting and Law, has lived in Hong Kong for over 18 years and created Pure: a holistic and efficient Recruitment and Training business with a social conscience.