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Pure Professionals Limited is hereby licensed to operate an employment agency know as Pure Support Professionals.

Each one of our consultant believes in partnering with our client to have an in depth understanding of their talent acquisition needs.  Our candidates speak with our consultants in detail, both over the phone and in face-to-face meetings to have a deep understanding of their experience, expectations, motivations and desires. We analyze the needs of our clients with the performance and desires of our candidates in order to match the right talent to the right roles.

To offer a brief summary to understand our process, please review to our top 10 steps below:

Step #1 – Proactively asking critical questions to understand the job opening in detail

Step #2 – Understand the best candidate to the job opening (example: skills, experience, interpersonal skills, connection level required, style)

pp_homepage_newsroom buttons_pic1Step #3 – Mapping out and executing a candidate sourcing strategy, making use of the information

Step #4 – Reviewing and detail assessing candidates against the job brief (both initial screening and face-to-face meetings)

Step #5 – Presenting candidate shortlist to clients, explaining the candidate’s profile in terms of the client’s expectations

Step #6 – Coordinating the client and candidate meeting schedules and process in the easier way, including post meeting reviews

Step #7 – Delivering the offer process and managing the post-offer acceptance process

Step #8 – Managing the reference checking process and feeding back to the client

Step #9 – Assisting with onboarding as required

Step #10 – Managing the post placement review and care program