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A lot of candidates tell us they are nervous before an interview. The best way to overcome this is to prepare. Confidence is important and will put you at ease. In most circumstances your interviewer with sense this, and hopefully the interview will feel more like a conversation rather than an interrogation.

It is important to recognize that an interview is an opportunity to differentiate yourself from other candidates. You want to leave a positive impression so that when candidates are short-listed you make it back to the next round.

Prepare by:

  • Researching the company and some industry basics. Be clear about your reasons for wanting to work in the company and industry. This is particularly true for fresh grads. The interviewer wants to see some sense of commitment. There is always the fear that Gen Y staff will jump ship for what they consider minor reasons.


  • Prepare some questions about the company (such as market position, competitors, ambitions, new products, etc).  This will reflect that you have done some research and are interested.


  • Look at the Linkedin profile of the person you are meeting. This will give you information about their education and skills, and you may find you have something in common. This could help build a rapport with your interviewer.


  • Think about your answers to some of the usual questions. Your strengths and weaknesses, what experience you bring to the role. Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? If you don’t know the answer to a technical question, it is better to admit that, rather than try to fabricate experience.


  • Always make sure you look presentable! First impressions are critical and lasting.


Pure holds workshops for interview preparation and resume writing. Please contact your consultant to sign up.