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Resignation is a tricky subject.

If you are leaving a team or company where you are unhappy, people often react very emotionally.  It is important to try and minimize damage and maintain relationships as much as possible. Behaving professionally will always serve you well in the long term.

It is important to remember that your future employer will ask for a reference, so keep cordial relations with key people who will stand as a referee. Plus keep in mind that people move around within industries, so chances are you will run into your colleagues again in future roles.

Your Pure Consultant will guide you through the resignation process.

A basic rule to remember is resign only after you have committed and signed your new contract.  You should be happy with all the new terms and conditions before you submit your resignation.

A simple resignation letter should be submitted to your Line Manager and Human Resources, as this will start the clock ticking on your notice period.

Plan your strategy, and reaction in the event you receive a counter–offer.  It is worthwhile discussing this with your Consultant. What you like about your new opportunity versus your current role/firm. Most counter-offers come too late, and the reasons for the move are generally unchanged (for example, I dislike my boss!). Nonetheless, you should discuss the pros and cons with your Pure Consultant, who is an experienced sounding board.

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