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A resume is your most important marketing tool! Writing a resume is also a good activity for you to reflect on your strengths and what you enjoy most about each job. Also think about pure professionals_S03_TALENT MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS-photowhat are your proudest moments in the role. It is important to focus on your achievements and differentiate yourself from the candidate pool.

Start with the basics. Choose a presentation style that you like, and a font that is easy to read. There are many templates on the web for you to choose from. If it is early in your career, then your educational background will be an important focus. Internships and volunteer work are good learning experiences, so highlight the key takeaway from each.

If you have had years of experience and a number of roles, then discuss your key achievement, or new skill added from each role so that the length of the resume can stay within two pages. This is a challenge! For example, if you are promoted internally, and start managing a team of people, then draw attention to the promotion and the size of the team.

If there is a gap in your working history, add a sentence to explain that. This can also be addressed in the cover letter. For example, if you took a gap year to travel between jobs, then it is acceptable to mention that. Similarly, if you took time out to start a family, this is also becoming increasing common. Hiring managers are seeing more and more returnees.

Be prepared to tailor your resume to each role that you apply to. Depending on the requirements for the role, you may need to emphasis a different achievement/strength/learning. This is particularly important where screening is done by key words in a database, which is often the case at larger firms.

Lastly, when saving and sending your resume to potential employers, make sure the file name is your name and the date the resume was updated. This will allow hiring and HR managers to find your details easily!

Do ask your Pure Consultant for feedback on your resume, or come to one of our free resume writing workshops. Speak to your Consultant to sign up.