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Career planning is not a static activity! The reason is that businesses/industries expand, contract and the external environment changes. Some years you will find you are in demand, other years will be quiet. However, keep in mind that as you progress in your role/career, your skills set will continue to expand.

It is important that as you take on different responsibilities/roles even if it is within the same firm, update your CV to reflect the recent achievements. This allows you to make an honest inventory of your skills and strengths. When you have time to reflect, refer to this list and think about which activities you enjoyed the most or give you the most satisfaction. Share these with a trusted colleague or mentor. This can serve as a guide when you look for new opportunities.

For example if budgeting is 20% of your current job, and it’s your least favourite activity, keep that in mind when looking for a new position. It is always preferred to have a passion/interest for the role or industry. Where possible, gravitate to companies that cater to your strengths and interests. You will enjoy the tasks more, the chances are you will excel (because you like what you are doing), and there is a better chance of longevity in the role. Moreover, if you are recognized for your contribution, there is also the possibility of promotion!

Always keep in mind which skills are transferable (again refer to your inventory). As the market situation changes it is important to keep in touch with your Pure consultant to know which are the ‘hot’ areas, if these are of interest to you and if you are looking for a move.

For fresh graduates, an internship is a great way to get first hand experience in a chosen career. An internship, or unpaid volunteer work gives you an opportunity to try out industries or activities you may not have initially considered. You can also experience the kind of environment that suits your personality. For example, is interaction with clients (or closing a deal) satisfying and stimulating? Or do you prefer roles where you work independently?

Career planning is becoming more and more dynamic. There is an urban legend that people have an average of seven career changes in a lifetime. There is no research to substantiate this number, but anecdotally, everyone knows someone who has had to change careers for a number of reasons, either external or personal motivation.  The key takeaway is: always stay open to learning new things and understand what your value and contribution is to your employer.