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Pure Professionals Limited is hereby licensed to operate an employment agency know as Pure Support Professionals.

This is a must read for Progressive Employers.

We bring the candidate elite to your door! The rare. The exceptional. The utterly brilliant. With pure excitement, we have taken the proactive liberty to create a new experience to our clients: Pure’s Prestigious Performers. Pure operates in the signature and top-end of the market and all of our clients and candidates are accomplished in their own right. Please email us on info@pureprofessional.com.

To earn the grade as a Pure Prestigious Performer, candidates need to score 8/10 within the following criteria:

  • Education
  • Language
  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Stability
  • Presentation
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Emotional maturity
  • Commercial acumen
  • Ambition and drive
  • Positive mindset

What’s more, our Prestigious Performers possess that magic X factor that makes them interesting as a human being, and this could range from being an ex-professional athlete, to having worked or studied abroad, to being Miss Hong Kong and to being an amateur singer.

Each Friday we rank the candidates that have been interviewed by our firm (which frankly speaking, the numbers can be in their hundreds) to arrive at our top 10 and these esteemed candidates become our Pure Prestigious Performers.

Because of their limited edition qualities, these candidates are hired within a week or two of job searching. For any firm that wants the edge, and has job openings, we strong recommend reviewing this week’s elite. Please email us on info@pureprofessional.com for our list!

Alternatively, if you have job roles, you are welcome to contact us and we will provide you a shortlist of exceptional, suitably qualified, stable and respected candidates because within our specializations, Pure has one of the largest ‘current’ candidate databases in the market place. How have we achieved this database size? Collectively the team of 10 staff has 40 years Hong Kong Recruitment experience and being Hong Kong local counts!

Pure Professionals is a Hong Kong institution. Pure is a uniquely Hong Kong brand born of the dynamic and fragrant essence of our harbor. Contact us today so we can present our Elite Candidate profiles. Telephone +852 3972 5850 or info@pureprofessional.com