Floor Staff with Passion - F&B

From good to 'great'

So you have built yourself a fabulous restaurant? The fit-out and ambiance is amazing, the food is excellent, but the service is only, ok. Your fear: you run the risk of your restaurant closing in 6-months time.

What if, we take your floor staff, from good to ‘great’, and your customer’s experience is overwhelming impressive? The return: your customers love you, your staff love you, your customers refer friends and your customers become repeat buyers! What’s more, your  restaurant becomes a Hong Kong institution.

Make your dream a reality. We leave the technical skills to your people managers. Our role is to enhance and complement your training by engaging your people’s ‘hearts and minds’ leading to increased passion, warmth and energy which permeates throughout your restaurant resulting in that vibe that masters greatness.

Here’s how: experience the difference and engage us to run our 10-hour Signature Floor Staff with Passion boot-camp program at your restaurant. We typically run this course in 2-hour sessions over 5-days, during your downtime.

Here is what you and your staff will get out of this course:

  • Understanding that F&B is a career role
  • Knowledge of likely career tracks
  • The value of customers, connections and service
  • The important of revenue and repeat business
  • Depth in understanding one’s uniqueness and how to integrate this into your personal brand and personality and the organization
  • Superior teamwork
  • A Certificate of Completion

What’s more, all participants gain access to Pure’s exclusive online communities and forums which ensure all learning’s are continually used, challenged and embraced! Our communities offer staff a unique way to keep in touch, connected and involved, assisting the participant in staying ‘from good to great’.

This program is no regular program! We stretch the hearts and minds of your team, allowing them to gain a wider perspective and view, as well as releasing any blocks that are preventing A-grade performance. We do this by delivering our message in a highly experiential way and we also use gamification.

Experience the difference – Registration Details:

Hong Kong Dates: 30 March 2015

Call us today. From this, we will fine-tune our program, to not only include the above but also cover any other specific needs.


Your investment for this particular program is HKD$20,000 (max 12 floor staff per course). Satisfaction guaranteed.