Secretarial & Professional Support Training

From good to 'great'

We know you understand the benefits of having ‘professional’ Support professionals working in your organization. Our training program lifts your staff from good to great.

Decades ago, a Support Professional was considered a professional and was treated and behaved that way. Nowadays, in certain areas, service levels and attitudes have dropped leading to average or good service levels. Would you like to reverse this trend and have outstanding and superior support teams?

Would you like your Support staff to be more supportive, love their jobs and have that quality traditional service mentality?

This course is aimed at Secretarial and Support staff to assist them in
understanding why and how to deliver outstanding customer service
levels. This particular course was created from feedback by our Clients who enjoy seeing Hong Kong’s Secretarial and Support Staff a little more polished, proactive and engaged.

Experience the difference, take your team from good to great, and have your team join our 8-hour part-time program.

If you want your Support staff to:

  • Dress and carry-themselves professionally
  • With poise, calmly thrive on working under pressure
  • Teamwork and organizational culture mirroring
  • Love working with the detail
  • Communicate professionally
  • Time manage effortlessly
  • Have exceptional organizational skills

Workshop Outline:

  • 2 hours  Understand the importance of Support roles, how to view your role, what is your inferred job description (anticipating needs), the right mental approach to work to stay one-step ahead
  • 2 hours Dressing for success, what is in a demeanor, how to carry oneself, teamwork and winning teams, accomplished and polished communication skills
  • 2 hours Organizational culture fit and mirroring, performing in ones role with ease and flow and effortless grace
  • 2 hours Assertive communication, clarity and confidence and evaluation

Outcomes of this program: All participants will have

  • Thorough knowledge on who they are and what it takes to be an accomplished performer
  • Deeper understanding and experience of their role and Support roles as a career choice
  • Methods, techniques and learning’s from traditional Support roles and how to translate them into todays world
  • A renewed confidence, poise and self esteem
  • Advanced communication knowledge and a toolkit to access communication skills
  • Appropriate and fitting behavior approaches to social media and media
  • A Pure Training Academy Certificate of Completion

What’s more, all participants gain access to Pure’s exclusive online communities and forums that ensure all learning are continually practiced, challenged and embraced! Our communities offer staff a unique way to keep in touch, be connected and stay involved in the process of transforming ‘from good to great’.

The Pure Training Academy is edgy, interesting and our modern approach to learning is inspiring, fun and far more effective than solely using the traditional training methods. If you want your staff whole body engaged, resulting in top-tier performance – we are the Training Academy for you!

Experience the difference – Registration Details:

Hong Kong Dates: 12 February 2015

Course Fee for 8 – Hours: HKD 3,500

Early Bird Date and Fee: 5 February 2015, HKD 2,500

Alternatively, we can deliver this training at your offices as a closed customized course. For further information on group discounts, in-house training, coaching and consulting, please contact us on +852 3972 5850 or email us at

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