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Pure Professionals Limited is hereby licensed to operate an employment agency know as Pure Support Professionals.

The team at Pure truly cares about people, their careers as well as the community. We have mastered Entry Level Recruitment programs to assist the younger generation to select and enter into a career that is right for them.

Have you heard that the average employee changes their career field 3-5 times in a life-time? Well, with Gen Y’s, they say it will be 5-10 times. These figures are staggering and will lead to a lot of professional and personal challenges. The team at Pure love helping so we invest time and work with candidates by assessing their skills, character

Entry Level Recruitment

and motivation and best guide them to suitable career opportunities.

We have a database of exceptional candidates that are accomplished and proven in their academic, social, sporting and work experiences. They are the Entry Level leaders amongst their peers and have been well briefed by us on the entry level path so expectations and ambitions are well managed.

In addition to our Volume Recruitment services, our candidate specialties’ are:

Sales Assistants Office Assistants & Reception Office Clerks Data-entry
Mail Room Secretarial Secretarial Executive Assistants
Accounts Bookkeeping IT Co-ordinators
Exhibition  Promoters Events  Retail