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Would you like to take your staff from good to great?

Reawaken, Reimagine, Revitalise, Realign

The Pure Academy was created to offer inspiring, interesting and outside-of-the-box training to suit today’s learner and reconnect you with your workforce. Our aim is to put the human-connection back into training.

If you are after inspirational delivery – the Pure Training Academy is your perfect partner.

We offer the following Trainer Outsourcing and Training Services:

This new generation of employees needs a fresh approach to training and development that is engaging, timely, relevant and challenging.

CentralWe recognize that one-size training solutions do not fit all. To solve this challenge, we’ve engaged experienced learning professionals that customise programs that utilise the latest advances in training techniques, that are much more experiential in nature. This means that we push the learning opportunity back onto the participants, because the ‘learner only learns what the learner wants to’.

Our training modules are constantly being refreshed with new case studies, which allow us the opportunity to focus practical learning outcomes through the use of Role Play, self-reflection and peer feedback. Learning doesn’t need to be one-way anymore, so with a classroom full of learners (students), you actually have a room full of teachers, coaches and support mentors.

Team-based learning has the additional advantage of creating informal support networks with your new employees. Struggling together on learning projects creates heightened levels of focus and keeps your staff engaged. But it also has the unique advantage of initiating a much needed peer-support matrix.

legcoIf you recall most of your school experiences, at Kindergarten you are generally placed in ‘pods’, with 4-6 kids sitting around a shared desk and often working collaboratively on learning projects. By the time we hit Primary school, we begin to be sat in rows, perhaps with a partner next to us. We lose the ability to learn collaboratively and in teams. Unless we’ve participated extra-curricular team activities like sports, the school band, the debating team, etc, we lose the ability to connect with each other and also to support other potential learning styles.

Recognising the issues, Pure has created learning programs that reconnect participants with a deeper understanding of emotional intelligence (EQ) and increase the participants awareness of working in teams and also to learning how to learn again.

The gamification of learning is a recent development in the L&D sphere, though it was first intensively studied in the 1980’s. This is a problem-solving approach that engages participants through the combination of game thinking and game mechanics. Humans (and most of the animal kingdom) grow up learning through play, but somehow this is trained out of us. Studies have shown that using gamification techniques (executed correctly) can greatly increase levels of engagement, has a marked ROI, as well as extending the learning ‘shelf life’.

We extensively use gamification as a way to help participants understand everyday processes and interactions, their place in it, and how they can increase their ability to cope with challenging work (and personal) experiences.

As well as bespoke programs delivered for clients, we also offer regular weekend Public training programs designed to better prepare candidates for the market place they are entering.