Customised Training

We are experts at training & engagement

The Pure Academy works with clients to create meaningful programs that meet their training goals.

Clients can select from a number of off-the-shelf training modules and multi-day courses, but we can also further customise these to align with the overall training objectives.

The key is to ensure that these are not seen as standalone courses that are unable to dove-tail into the existing training and development plans. In other words, these should not be ‘band-aid’ programs, but rather, they should be a well thought-out response to the needs of the business.

This is where our consultants are able to offer the most value. By spending time with your key stakeholders and end-users, we are able to assess where our current modules can offer the most impact in your training plans, how we can further customise them to your needs, or whether a completely new program needs to be developed for you.

Our design and delivery team are available to you. Please email us for more information on

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