Not your average training experience

Designed with ‘WOW’ built-in

Tracey founded the Pure Training Academy, in response to the highly prevalent market need expressed by Pure’s clients.

Pure’s clients and organizations at large are unable to find suitable Contract Trainers easily. In addition to this, firms need additional training services that give them the edge, especially for high-calibre entry-level staff, but also for their management teams.

Our objective is simple. Make training impactful and long lasting by building ‘WOW’ into the design and delivering it with trainers that have a flair for highly experiential and engaging training. Because if we’re not having fun in the workshops, the participants don’t stand a chance.

At the Pure Training Academy, we don’t strive to be the biggest training provider, but we do strive to be the best and the most interesting. If you want to receive training that gives your team the edge and a fresh toolset/skillset/mindset, we are the Academy for you.