"I love the games that the Trainer, James, introduced. The are great & they let me have a deeper understanding towards myself."
Secretarial & Professional Support Training - Yuki
"The course materials is very helpful and inspirational. The trainer, James, is very good to connect people and deliver the training. It made the course enjoyable and informative. Great Trainer, I learn a lot from this training."
Secretarial & Professional Support Training - Olivia
"I like how the instructor is using the sharing approach and to guide us to a deeper thinking through some games. I love the course because once in a while we do need a little reminder and spend some time to do some thinking . I think this class helped us to think."
Secretarial & Professional Support Training - Gina
"The Course and the Trainer is so fun, interactive and can feel with his passion of what he is doing. The Trainer delivered the games was enjoyable and helped to understand more with people. If you would like to learn and have some fun to improve yourself, this course is suit for you."
Secretarial & Professional Support Training - Joanne
"The trainer delivered interaction and inspiring games. The course meet my expectations. I am happy to share this course to others"
Onboarding & Orientation Course
"The Trainer, James was very passionate and knowledgeable. Comfortable training style to put everyone at ease. There were some subjects more applicable to certain professions. I came for a very specific need, which hopefully will be met tomorrow."
Onboarding & Orientation Course - Suh-Hee
"The exercises were very inspiration in the way how we can make onboarding more fun and memorable. I enjoyed the course, which was a great way for networking and had fun with your teammates."
Onboarding & Orientation Course - Amy
"The Trainer was very interact and deliver the training with passion. Games were motivated and  were relevant to the topic. It is definitely meet my expectations. I will recommend this course to my collagenous."
Onboarding & Orientation Course - Joanna
"It was quite out of my expectation. The course helped me to think out of the box and I obtained some new ideas to share with others. I loved the 'game' side of this training. Very practical and I can apply immediately into my workplace"  Luxury Brand
GenY 'Sales Professional' Training Testimonal
The course met my expectations and I enjoyed the material presented. The Trainer was interactive, fun and he possessed definite knowledge on sales. The sharing of best practices amongst peers was also great.
Sales Training Testimonial
We had a real problem with call reluctance and 'shyness' within our sales team. Left untouched for a few months, our team became debilitated and would not call unless pushed and when they did call, the calls were cold, quick and uninspiring. I engaged Pure's Training Academy and had my staff enjoy three afternoon sessions over two weeks. Not to give everything away, but the training involved had my team cold calling using banana's as phones, wearing wigs, wacky role plays as well as some exquisite introspection techniques. I can honestly say that my staff changed from the training experience. Some started making calls standing up, others put wigs on their desks at calling times and the list of change goes on. The cost was reasonable but when comparing the costs versus the increase in revenue, I engaged the Academy one afternoon per month. An investment well worth it.
Pure's Training Academy changed my sales team! Professional Services, Hong Kong