Accomplished Sales & Customer Service

From good to 'great'

Welcome to ABC store… Silence…. Goodbye. Yes, you read right, this is the level of Sales & Customer Service is most shops in Hong Kong, irrespective if they are luxury high-end or high-street.

Would you like to change your customers (your shoppers) experience so it is more enjoyable and consultative? Guess what, your customer (your shoppers) would like your staff to see more passion and service. Will you answer your customers?

Plain and simple: do you want to increase your Revenue?  Do you want to have loyal clients and repeat business? Do you want to have a stable sales team that loves their role in the company?

Here’s how: experience the difference and join our 1-day Accomplished Sales & Customer Service program.

This is the course for you, if you want to:

  • Improve the customers’ initial impressions of your business
  • Increase company revenue
  • Improve the sales process
  • Improve customer service levels
  • Instill a unique personal edge to your brand and organizational culture
  • Emphasize authentic best selves
  • Ensure your team gains more satisfaction and meaning from their work
  • Embed the customer service mentality throughout the firm

Workshop Outline:


  • Welcome, Introductions and Expectations
  • What’s in a brand? Understanding Unique Selling Propositions.
  • Understanding why people buy.Exploring buyer motivation.
  • What’s your style? Exploring how our personality links to our preferred selling style
  • The Win/Win Selling Game. Can both parties get to ‘yes’ and be satisfied?


  • Service Standards in Hong Kong. Mystery Shopping Exercise.
  • Reviewing the Mystery shopping experience.
  • Empathy Mapping. Understanding what satisfies a customer
  • Active listening and deepening your questioning skills.
  • Role Play real scenarios to practice what we’ve learned.
  • Personal action plans – where do we go from here?

What the participant will achieve:

  • Critical knowledge on ‘why’ people buy
  • Deeper experience of the sales and customer service roles
  • Advanced Communication skills, including NLP elements
  • An appreciation of their strengths and allowable weaknesses
  • A Certificate of Completion
  • Free follow up by Master Trainer directly

What’s more, all participants gain access to Pure’s exclusive online communities and forums which ensures all learning’s are continually used, challenged and embraced! Our communities offer staff a unique way to keep in touch, connected and involved, assisting the participant in staying ‘from good to great’.

This important course was created in response to market needs and suits progressive businesses that know their Sales & Customer Service staff would benefit from master level training, involving experiential learning and the use of gamification.  Our expert Sales Trainers ensure the participants experience a dynamic, interactive and readily applicable training.

Experience the difference – Registration Details:

Hong Kong Dates: 27 Mar 2015

Early Bird Date and Fee: 3 Apr 2015, HKD 2,500

For further information on group discounts, in-house training, coaching and consulting, please contact us on +852 3972 5850 or email us at


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